June 6, 2012
September 8, 2011

Aleppo, Syria

August 19, 2011


My bowel and oral explosions subsiding after what felt like an eternity of half-slept nights, I popped another Imodium to settle myself for the bus to Aleppo.  Elektra had some much-needed sympathy for me and the journey went without a hitch.  We found a cluster of cheap hotels in the centre near a disgusting Sheraton […]

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Damascus, Syria

June 22, 2011


A few hours from the centre of Lebanon in a minibus and a short taxi ride later I’m at the Old City wall.  Through Bab Sharqi gate, down a few winding streets and I’m at the hostel.  There was another way to get in which involves a rope ladder up the side of the building […]

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Beirut, Lebanon

May 17, 2011


The flight from Istanbul went quick enough, then something caught me off guard as we landed: everyone started clapping.  I wasn’t sure if there was a high percentage of planes that didn’t land or get to their destination on time or at all, it was just, unusual?  Laughing it off, I came across something I […]

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Istanbul, Turkey

May 11, 2011


Down into Sultanahmet – where a huge amount of tourists have congregated in the familiar bars and budget hostels.  I head into Bahaus, a cheap-enough place with vacancies, beer, and a breakfast I’d never wake up for.  Rested, showered and fresh to the city, I bump into Eric again outside the place he checked into […]

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Budapest, Hungary and onwards

March 3, 2011


A confusing train alight to get to the airport in the early hours, Sami and I said our sad farewells and I took the short flight to Budapest.  One not-so-cheap taxi ride later and I’m greeting Bob, someone I’d not seen in seven years for a week of relaxation and acclimatisation for what’s to be […]

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