Posted on September 26, 2010


This is something I did little of in life; coursework could wait until the last evening, buying presents at the final moment and travelling without much of an idea of where I’d be going.  However, this has changed!  I’ve reformed and come to realise that making my way to Syria and Iran is a time-constrained idea, so I’m having to budget my time and figure out how long I’ll have to get through the Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy and Hungary before I can get my train from Turkey to Syria.  I’ve had to factor in that my visa time is limited in Iran, I have to use it by the seventh of December in order to make full use of the fifteen days I have there.

So far, I have a small text document on my computer and a calendar with cats on it with scribbles of where I need to go and when, and how.  Trains, buses and whatever else will be employed and lots of confusion will undoubtedly occur – it’s almost time.

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