London to Amsterdam

Posted on October 13, 2010


Gruelling the prospect, twelve hours on an over-airconditioned bus with little leg room and not a comfy position to get into and a hostel that wouldn’t open until midday, it was cathartic if nothing else.

London Victoria coach station is a short walk from the underground station, checked in pretty quickly for the 22:00 to Amsterdam (stopping at Utrecht) and burnt an hour away reading and people-watching.  Come a sleepless night and freezing legs, we arrived in Amsterdam around 6am, four hours before we expected to.  This meant the trains hadn’t started yet, the hostel wouldn’t be open for another six hours and I had a penchant for shivering and wanting a bed pronto.

New found friends Mike and Jimmy from Chicago joined me on the walk up in the dew dawn with little sign of life and found ourselves at the hostel eventually.  We found a modern cafe called Patisserie Kuyt with excellent tea (the waitress brings over a box full of different ones), croissants and omelettes.

Mai, a Dutch-Vietnamese girl who I’d befriended prior to coming found a hostel called Sasenfras/Radio Inn for my first night as the other hostel I’d booked wasn’t available the day I arrived.  €15 a night, €1 for sheets, quite the bargain for Amsterdam, but as the saying goes, you do indeed get what you pay for in this regard.  It’s colourful, basic, well-loved and almost intimidating.  Don’t expect cleanliness, but something different to the usual haunt.  This turned out well to test my new lens out though (Sigma 10-20mm Canon-fit).

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