Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

Posted on November 17, 2010


On a day out from Bilbao, I took the hour-long bus out to Vitoria in an effort to see a little more of the country than just the usual city haunts.  I left from San Mames, didn’t quite know where I should get off – finding that the bus stopped four times in Vitoria itself, so waited until the last person was left on the bus and it rolled into the station.

The town doesn’t come across as one that caters to foreign tourists, more that those in the north would take a day trip to see it and bask in the welcome sun and blue skies.  The charm of the streets is kept well by only modernising certain parts, some a little unnecessary (such as the ‘arty’ escalator on a hill) but as you can see in the photos below, the old buildings aren’t usurped by newer projects.

I mused about testing the UV filter I bought for my wide-angle lens to see what colours I could draw out of the sky, felt hungry and found that as it had turned 4pm, they all stopped, due to re-open four hours later!  Wandering a bit more, catching the churches, shops, back-streets and finally back to the town square, come across the photography exhibition they have occupying the far side.  Lots of pieces from warring countries in particular, and those in conflict or need.  Someone tries to sign me up for something, but realises he’s at a loss due to the total sum of Español in my repetoire being dirty words and food items.

Needing mild respite from the sun, I duck into the colourful ice-cream shop and grab some chocolate and Smurf (no idea of the flavour, but it was blue).

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