Gaziantep, Turkey

Posted on September 8, 2011


The taxi across the border from Aleppo went smoothly, I somehow got into the front seat with three guys packed into the back and ended up dropped off on the side of the road late in the evening with little idea of where I should be going.  Two hotels later and I’m in an en-suite room for little over a tenner a night.  Fast internet included, I prepare myself for two months of travel with enough TV shows to keep me going on long bus journeys.  I get my head down, wake up to what feels like another city entirely, the light showing it to be far bigger than the dark would let me see.  Famed for its sweet pastry, baklava, I headed out with the intention to find the best!  Through streets and souqs I came across a place I’d heard about and managed one portion before thinking I probably shouldn’t have another, that’s how sweet it was.  The pastry, with oil, sugar and pistachio crumbling out was as impressive as the recommendations had me believe, definitely hunt some out as there are plenty of places that sell similar sweets such as Butt Savouries in Northampton, and lots of Turkish places across Amsterdam and a few in London I’ve walked past too – they’re usually sold by weight.

Post-baklava, I headed out through a souq I came through to stumble upon one alley of the often-wonderful indoor markets selling spices and sweets, specifically Turkish delight and other overly-sugary confectionary I’d fail to resist.  Coated in flour, I went for every type of Turkish delight this one guy had, as well as other bits to try out later.

To top the day off I headed up to the highest point I could find, into the local museum (which was very long and narrow and ultimately, very boring) and out onto some nice views of the city before I departed on the bus to Van.

Many baklava.. baklavae?

Baklava, in its oily sweet glory

Baklava picture taken from Kim:

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